It’s a better time than ever to be a journalist

Mariana Santos in the JSK Garage

Getting into journalism is more exciting than ever before. There are new challenges, more opportunities for a wider group of voices than ever before, and the chance to build a media career that is uniquely yours.

Fellow helping to start local news site learns to step aside

Freddy Lopez

While I am not superfluous to the process, I am of necessity secondary. Ego has to be set aside to achieve the mission — my role is not even to guide, it is to pitch in and help.

On the frontline of media’s future with a trip down virtual reality lane

Project Syria Reflection Wall

Going to this year’s Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier exhibition hall on virtual reality, you cannot help but feel as if you are seated at the front row of the future of journalism.

Dreamworks, Twitter veteran sells storytelling with storymapping

Storymapping exercise

It’s not enough to know how to tell a story; you have to know how to sell one, too. – James Buckhouse, director of content, Sequoia Capital.

How to be smart about collaborations: Check this checklist first

Michelle Holmes at a JAWS conference panel

A JSK alum offers 15 tips – 13 of them learned the hard way – for creating a successful professional collaboration.

15 social media tips and tools for journalists

Social media icons

Journalists can use social media as a reporting tool — to find stories, for newsgathering, research, finding interviewees and more.