“Dead trees and ink”: Todd Vogt on the future of local newspapers


A Q&A with San Francisco Media Co. president Todd Vogt on the importance and future of newspapers in the Bay Area.

From ISOJ, insights on the future of news

Knights at ISOJ

Everyone’s heard of South by Southwest. But Austin’s smaller and slightly geekier International Symposium on Online Journalism is also a big draw for Knight Fellows, staff, and alumni.

Knight Fellows take an innovation field trip to the Big Apple

BuzzFeed Newsroom

During a recent trip to the East Coast, Knight Fellows spoke with newsroom leaders in New York and Washington, D.C., about tactics for innovation.

Knight managing director Dawn Garcia honored for commitment to diversity

Dawn Garcia received a CCNMA: Latino Journalists of America Career Achievement Award for her commitment to increasing diversity in news coverage, news hiring and in the selection of Knight Fellows at Stanford.

“First as a reporter and then as an editor, and now with the Knight Fellowships, Dawn Garcia has fought to include Latinos."

Fail fast and bounce back: what alt-weeklies can learn from the startup mentality

Fail Forward

In a disrupted news landscape, local publications need to think like startups: try things, fail fast, and remember that life is a prototype.

What do today’s news consumers really want?


Fellows spent a Saturday asking people in San Francisco two fundamental questions: In this digital age, how do you get your news, and why?