JSK Alumni at #NAHJ14 Convention


Are you ready for journalism’s future? And are you attending the 2014 National Association for Hispanic Journalists convention in San Antonio?

JSK alumni at #IRE14 conference

IRE 2014

Two former fellows, Andy Donohue and T. Christian Miller, are on the organization’s board. Fourteen fellows will be presenting at workshops and discussions.

Knight Talk: Amie Ferris-Rotman

Amie Ferris Rotman

The prolific international coverage of women’s lives in Afghanistan has lacked an important perspective. Amie Ferris-Rotman set out to change that.

Knight Talk: Tayyeb Afridi

Tayyeb Afridi

Tayyeb Afridi leveraged his Knight Fellowship to launch Tribal News Network in northwest Pakistan in late 2013. He explains its mission and how it works.

Knight Talk: Martín Quiroga

Martín Quiroga

Martín Quiroga explains Venezuela Decoded, a project a team of current and recent JSK fellows built that is testing ideas for creating an open, collaborative filtering platform for online news.

Knight Talk: Gus D’Angelo

Gus D'Angelo

Gus D’Angelo shares his plans for re-imagining the creation and distribution of news and editorial cartoons for the digital age.

Knight Talk: Shazna Nessa

Shazna Nessa

Shazna Nessa unveils her plan for motivating journalists to create data visualizations that are not just beautiful, but also easily understood.

Knight Talk: Martin Kotynek and Alexa Schirtzinger

Martin Kotynek and Alexa Schrtzinger

Martin Kotynek and Alexa Schirtzinger introduce OnRamp, a project to re-imagine the news article.

Knight Talk: Carlos Martínez

Carlos Martínez

In this short talk, Carlos Martinez makes the case for taking new approaches to designing digital news experiences

Knight Talk: Eric Ortiz

Eric Ortiz

Eric Ortiz introduces his prototype of Evrybit, a system that streamlines mobile reporting of live events.

Knight Talk: Tran Ha

Tran Ha

How can news organizations reach millenials? Tran Ha explores a question that is crucial to the future of legacy media.

Knight Talk: Ana María Carrano

Ana María Carrano

With Voyz.es, Ana María Carrano wants to help journalists record, transcribe and share their interviews.

Knight Talk: Keli Dailey

Keli Dailey

In this engaging and entertaining talk, Keli Dailey explains her vision for food journalism, and what she’s doing about it.

Knight Talk: Aela Callan

Aela Callan

In this short talk, Aela Callan describes the dangerous hate speech in Myanmar’s newly free media and her work to help address it, while protecting free speech.

Knight Talk: Cindy Royal

Cindy Royal

Cindy Royal is on a mission to persuade journalists to learn how to code — and she’s creating a way to help them.

Knight Talk: Umbreen Bhatti

Umbreen Bhatti

Umbreen Bhatti is working to help journalists more effectively report on how the U.S. legal system affects all of our lives.

Knight Talk: Danyel Smith

Danyel Smith

Danyel Smith issues a call to action for journalists everywhere.

Knight Talk: Kennedy Jawoko and Kejin Qian

Kennedy Jawako and Kejin Qian

Kennedy Jawoko and Kejin Qian are joining forces to help other journalists more effectively cover one of the world’s most important economic and political relationships.

Knight Talk: Andrew Losowsky

Andrew Losowsky

Andrew Losowsky offers a simple solution to the persistent problem of producing and distributing local news during disaster and crisis situations.

Knight Talk: Camille Seaman

Camille Seaman

Realizing that her dramatic photographs of climate change were not having the impact she had hoped for, Camille Seaman decided to do more.

John Temple on Silicon Valley’s lessons for journalists

Jim Bettinger interviews John Temple

Journalist John Temple and Knight Fellowships Director Jim Bettinger briefly discuss Temple’s impressions and experiences as a senior fellow in the Knight Fellowships.