New group of Knight Alumni wins grants for journalism prototypes

Marie-Catherine Beuth prototyping

Two recent Knight Fellows, Marie-Catherine Beuth and T. Christian Miller, are among the winners of $35,000 Knight Prototype Fund grants.

2014-15 John S. Knight International Journalism Fellows named

Selected Countries of 2015 International Fellows

They will research a range of proposals for meeting journalism’s challenges, such as platforms to create newsgames and drone-reporting teams in Africa.

JSK team launches Venezuela Decoded to help make sense of conflicting accounts

Venzuela Decoded helps make sense of the news with accurate reporting, daily summaries, timelines and biographies of important players. – experienced journalists blending reporting and curated social media to track the truth in an avalanche of information.

Knight managing director Dawn Garcia honored for commitment to diversity

Dawn Garcia received a CCNMA: Latino Journalists of America Career Achievement Award for her commitment to increasing diversity in news coverage, news hiring and in the selection of Knight Fellows at Stanford.

“First as a reporter and then as an editor, and now with the Knight Fellowships, Dawn Garcia has fought to include Latinos.”

Advice for innovating in established newsrooms: Get used to messy

Michelle Holmes in the headquarters of the Alabama Media Group

2012 Knight Fellow Michelle Holmes shares insights about leading the digital transformation of long-established newsrooms.

Dan Archer: Never underestimate the power of collaboration

Dan Archer sketching during a reporting trip

Comics journalist Dan Archer discusses his project documenting human trafficking and the impact of his 2011 Knight Fellowship on his work.

Jim Bettinger Talks Diversity Strategies with the Maynard Institute

Jim Bettinger Interviewed by Dori Maynard

Knight Fellowships director Jim Bettinger on how the program rethought its approach to diversity and widened its network to get results.

Application Questions and Answers from NABJ Conference Call

Keli Dailey, Claudia Núñez and Phuong Ly

Director Jim Bettinger along with current and former Knight Fellows answer your application questions.

Sahar Ghazi helps lead Global Voices, using lessons from Stanford

2011 John S. Knight Fellow Sahar Ghazi Knight

What happens when a journalist gets to step out of their usual environment and immerse themselves in a 10-month fellowship at Stanford with other journalists and news entrepreneurs from all around the world?

JSK managing director discusses the importance of diversity in journalism

Isabel Jubes (left) and Elizabeth Trajtenberg (right) host the bilingual radio show "La Ventana Americana" on KZSU Stanford. photo:

Listen to excerpts from a discussion with Knight Fellowships Managing Director Dawn Garcia and 2013 Knight Fellow Adriana Garcia about the challenges and opportunities that diverse and growing Hispanic audiences present for U.S. news media. founder taps into humankind’s innate creativity

David Kelley

Breaking down barriers is at the heart of the ideology that founder David Kelley has used to help Stanford students as well as Fortune 500 companies innovate more effectively.

Fellows and Alums collaborate at the Chicago Migrahack

Chicago Migrahack

The Chicago Migrahack brought together journalists, developers, designers, nonprofits and the community to create projects using open data on immigration, code and technology.

JSK Reunion: Who Says Investigative Reporting is Dead?

2006 Knight Fellow Karen de Sá

2006 Knight Fellow Karen de Sá talks about keeping the torch lit at the San Jose Mercury News.

JSK Reunion: What’s Up with the Knight Fellowships?

Knight Fellowships Director Jim Bettinger, interviewed by 2007 Knight Fellow Andrea Bernstein, WNYC/New York Public Radio

Where the program has been, where it is now and where it might be heading. Director Jim Bettinger, interviewed by 2007 Knight Fellow Andrea Bernstein.

JSK Reunion: Knight Fellows Through the Decades

Knight Fellows Through the Decades

PJFs and Knight Fellow alumni talk about the impact the fellowship had on their career and life.

John Temple named senior fellow

John Temple named senior fellow

Journalist John Temple, recognized for leading innovation and journalistic excellence in both mainstream and startup news organizations joins the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships as a senior fellow for the 2013-14 academic year.

2012 Fellow wins prestigious photo award for Lakota Sioux piece in National Geographic

Aaron Huey, 2012 Knight Fellow, wins Cliff Edom “New America” Award

The award recognizes Aaron Huey’s work on “In the Shadow of Wounded Knee,” National Geographic magazine’s cover story in August 2012.

Innovation from many corners: 2013-14 U.S. Knight Fellows selected

2013-14 U.S. Knight Fellows

This group of U.S. Knight Fellows is easily the most diversified ever, with fellows coming from daily newspapers, online publications, tech companies and even an academic institution.

Make sure your talk really motivates their walk

Stanford instructor Dan Klein, who teaches acting and improvisation – and how to give great talks.

“If you don’t get their attention in the beginning, they may not follow you to the end.” – Dan Klein, acting and improvisation instructor at Stanford.

Innovation from overseas: 2013-14 International Knight Journalism Fellows selected

The 2013-14 International Knight Fellows

Eight international journalists have been awarded John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships to pursue proposals for journalism innovation at Stanford during the 2013-14 academic year.

New advisors named to Knight Fellowships program

Stanford University arches

The new Board of Visitors members are Hu Shuli, Margaret Neale and Jason Seiken. The new members of the Program Committee are Sarah Stein Greenberg, George Haj and Raul Ramirez.