Class of 2015

Najia Ashar ('15)

Najia Ashar

Yahoo! International Fellow
Karachi, Pakistan, @najiaashar

Challenge: How can we use technology to protect journalists in Pakistan?

Zena Barakat ('15)

Zena Barakat

New York, @zena_b

Challenge: How might journalists better use social media to report breaking news thoroughly and accurately?

Charla Bear ('15)

Charla Bear

San Francisco, @CharlaReports

Challenge: How might interactive online tools be used more effectively for multimedia training?

Donna Borak ('15)

Donna Borak

Washington, D.C, @donnaborak

Challenge: How can news organizations capture and keep our online audiences amid so many constant distractions?

Carolina Guerrero ('15)

Carolina Guerrero

Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow
San Francisco, @nuncaduermo

Challenge: How can we help Latin American journalists produce long-form narrative radio journalism?

Lope Gutiérrez Ruiz ('15)

Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz

Austin, Texas, @hello_lope

Challenge: How can we make city performance data more engaging?

Louis Hansen ('15)

Louis Hansen

Norfolk, Virginia, @HansenLouis

Challenge: How do we create profitable, afternoon tablet publications for newspapers?

Jeremy Hay ('15)

Jeremy Hay

Santa Rosa, Calif., @jeremyhay

Challenge: How can we encourage more and deeper reporting on poverty in the United States?

Cordelia Hebblethwaite ('15)

Cordelia Hebblethwaite

London, United Kingdom, @CordeliaHeb

Challenge: How can journalists exploit the full potential of social media?

Jiang Jing ('15)

Jiang Jing

Enlight Foundation Fellow
Beijing, China

Challenge: How can we increase high quality science reporting in China?

Anne Kornblut ('15)

Anne Kornblut

Washington, D.C., @annekornblut

Challenge: What new tools and skills do newsroom leaders need to grow digital audiences?

Yvonne Leow ('15)

Yvonne Leow

New York, @YvonneLeow

Challenge: How can we unlock valuable information buried in our news archives?

Izabela Moi ('15)

Izabela Moi

Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow
São Paulo, Brazil, @izamoi

Challenge: How can we produce and distribute news from local communities in way that gets shared across a large urban area?

Michael Morisy ('15)

Michael Morisy

Boston @morisy

Challenge: Can we do new forms of journalistic data gathering that are more cost effective, powerful and transparent?

Beatrice Motamedi ('15)

Beatrice Motamedi

Oakland, Calif., @writergirl

Challenge: How can we use technology to create a digital, youth-driven global newsroom that adds a new voice to old media?

Akoto Ofori-Atta ('15)

Akoto Ofori-Atta

Brooklyn, New York, @KO_616

Challenge: How can we produce, and distribute online, universally relevant stories rooted in African-American experiences?

Dickens Olewe ('15)

Dickens Olewe

Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Fellow
Nairobi, Kenya, @DickensOlewe

Challenge: Will the creation of a drone journalism corps inspire the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Africa?

Christina Passariello ('15)

Christina Passariello

Paris, @cpassariello

Challenge: How can journalism use data in a more interactive way to better engage readers as consumers?

Mariana Santos ('15)

Mariana Santos

Carvoeiro, Portugal, @marysaints

Challenge: How can we get more women in Latin American newsrooms using technology to tell stories?

Anh Hoá Truong ('15)

Anh Hoà Truong

Fontenay Sous Bois, France @AnhhoaTruong

Challenge: How can we make it possible for news organizations to easily create newsgames?