Class of 2015

Najia Ashar ('15)

Najia Ashar

Yahoo! International Fellow
senior anchor and producer, Geo News, Karachi, Pakistan, @najiaashar

Challenge: How can we use technology to protect journalists in Pakistan?

Zena Barakat ('15)

Zena Barakat

senior producer, video, The New York Times, New York, @zena_b

Challenge: How might journalists better use social media to report breaking news thoroughly and accurately?

Charla Bear ('15)

Charla Bear

anchor and reporter, KQED Public Media, San Francisco, @CharlaReports

Challenge: How might interactive online tools be used more effectively for multimedia training?

Donna Borak ('15)

Donna Borak

federal reserve reporter, American Banker, Washington, D.C., @donnaborak

Challenge: How can news organizations capture and keep our online audiences amid so many constant distractions?

Carolina Guerrero ('15)

Carolina Guerrero

Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow
co-founder and executive director, Radio Ambulante, San Francisco, @nuncaduermo

Challenge: How can we help Latin American journalists produce long-form narrative radio journalism?

Lope Gutiérrez Ruiz ('15)

Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz

co-editor and co-founder, Gopher Magazine, In-House Int'l, Austin, Texas, @hello_lope

Challenge: How can we make city performance data more engaging?

Louis Hansen ('15)

Louis Hansen

tablet reporter, The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, Va., @HansenLouis

Challenge: How do we create profitable, afternoon tablet publications for newspapers?

Jeremy Hay ('15)

Jeremy Hay

staff writer, The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, Calif., @jeremyhay

Challenge: How can we encourage deeper reporting on poverty in the United States?

Cordelia Hebblethwaite ('15)

Cordelia Hebblethwaite

lead writer, BBC Trending, London, @CordeliaHeb

Challenge: How can journalists exploit the full potential of social media?

Jiang Jing ('15)

Jiang Jing

Enlight Foundation Fellow
senior editor, Science and Technology Daily, Beijing

Challenge: How can we increase high quality science reporting in China?

Anne Kornblut ('15)

Anne Kornblut

deputy assistant managing editor for national news, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., @annekornblut

Challenge: What new tools and skills do newsroom leaders need to grow digital audiences?

Yvonne Leow ('15)

Yvonne Leow

senior associate, North Base Media, New York, @YvonneLeow

Challenge: How can we unlock valuable information buried in our news archives?

Izabela Moi ('15)

Izabela Moi

Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow
editor and project coordinator, Mural Project, São Paulo, @izamoi

Challenge: How can we produce and distribute news from local communities in way that gets shared across a large urban area?

Michael Morisy ('15)

Michael Morisy

founder, MuckRock, Boston @morisy

Challenge: Can we do new forms of journalistic data gathering that are more cost effective, powerful and transparent?

Beatrice Motamedi ('15)

Beatrice Motamedi

freelance journalist, Oakland, Calif., @writergirl

Challenge: How can we use technology to create a digital, youth-driven global newsroom that adds a new voice to old media?

Akoto Ofori-Atta ('15)

Akoto Ofori-Atta

senior editor,, Brooklyn, New York, @KO_616

Challenge: How can we produce, and distribute online, universally relevant stories rooted in African-American experiences?

Dickens Olewe ('15)

Dickens Olewe

Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Fellow
website coordinator, The Star Publications, Nairobi, Kenya, @DickensOlewe

Challenge: Will the creation of a drone journalism corps inspire the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Africa?

Christina Passariello ('15)

Christina Passariello

senior reporter, The Wall Street Journal, Paris, @cpassariello

Challenge: How can journalism use data in a more interactive way to better engage readers as consumers?

Mariana Santos ('15)

Mariana Santos

interactive journalist and motion designer, Carvoeiro, Portugal, @marysaints

Challenge: How can we get more women in Latin American newsrooms using technology to tell stories?

Anh Hoá Truong ('15)

Anh Hoà Truong

science, technology and ecology editor, Courrier International, Fontenay Sous Bois, France @AnhhoaTruong

Challenge: How can we make it possible for news organizations to easily create newsgames?