Subway cellphones

Using narrative crowdsourcing to find and tell stories

Can short crowdsourcing tasks on mobile devices help not just find news and understand data, but engage an audience in a new, more engaging form of storytelling?

Vertical video

The vertical agenda

How to make watching videos on a cellphone a more delightful, engaging and addictive experience.

Drone flying over field

The opportunities and challenges of using drones in news reporting

Two projects to support safe and responsible use of drone technology by journalists in the United States and in Africa.

Muralistas shooting a video

Collaborations that create more diverse coverage of large cities

Ensuring the inclusion of underrepresented and unheard voices in the mainstream news flow of large urban areas.

Garment factory workers in Vietnam.

Mapping the clothing industry, from factory to consumer

Data about garment manufacturing can be used to create visualizations that help consumers understand this industry that affects millions.

Radio Ambulante interview

An online toolkit to train independent radio producers in Latin America

Helping journalists produce long-form narrative stories for radio.

VHIL Coral World

How virtual reality can be used to tell science stories

Emerging technology represents a unique opportunity for us to think differently about how information can be presented.


Citymatter: Open data that resonates with citizens

Creating an engaging, standardized, user-friendly repository of data about our cities.

Global Student Square event

The Global Student Square

Building a network of student journalists, with tools that empower them to create and collaborate online.

Bridging the gap

Live SciTech Talks

Creating a practical and participatory course to train science and technology journalists in China.

Artificial Intelligence

Experiments with cognitive systems to deepen the news experience

Giving users a way to interact naturally with the news and be provided the information they want, when they want it.

Tablet user

Niche isn’t niche anymore

Producing news stories about black experiences in the digital age.

News safety

Helping Pakistan’s journalists learn how to protect themselves

A new approach to teaching safety and security, beginning with the creation of training materials that are easy to understand and remember.

iPad reader

Finding a better way — newspapers and tablet publishing

How can we create engaging and profitable tablet publications for newspapers?


Increasing creativity and innovation in public media

Creating a newsroom culture of innovation and creativity to help public media thrive in this time of digital disruption.

Social media watercolor icons

A journalist’s guide to navigating the social media sea

Helping journalists tap the full potential of social media in their reporting.

EPANow resident reporters

Delivering news in low-income communities through organically built digital news services

Helping to revitalize underserved, low-income communities that the media has abandoned.