I move, therefore I am

Creating interactive and animated editorial cartoons that play on multiple devices

Developing a production platform for cartoonists to exploit the intrinsic advantages of digital and mobile media to return this historically vital editorial voice to relevance.

Photojournalism Training

Sahar Speaks! Reporting by Afghan women

An initiative to advance opportunities for local female journalists in Afghanistan.

The Tribal News Network

Creating a credible, independent local news organization for the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Content filtering

A collaborative filtering platform for news

An open filtering system to extract the most significant and relevant content from social media and RSS streams.

News Data Visualization

The Page One Project

Designing innovative interfaces and narratives for digital news.

The Dazzles

Designing Data: Creating meaningful connections with readers through visualizations

Developing techniques journalists can use to create data visualizations that are beautiful, informative and that everyone understands.



A mobile publishing system for multimedia production and collaborative storytelling.


An online initiative to help journalists gain basic coding skills.


A hardcover culture magazine

While pushing print to its extreme, the diverse teams at HRDCVR create for a diverse world.


Re-imagining the article for the digital age

The answer is atomization: breaking articles up into small, meaningful pieces of information.


Future of news: Focus on ‘who,’ not ‘what’

Helping media organizations engage young audiences .

Audio conversation An audio-sharing site for Spanish-speaking journalists

Enabling reporters to get access to more sources of information and take advantage of recordings not previously used.

The Public Table

The Public Table

Demystifying the food system and building civic engagement.

Media Scrum in Myanmar

Empowering media to tackle hate speech and reduce violence in Myanmar

A project to collect evidence of hate speech that catalyzes violence, to raise awareness and help journalists to shape new narratives.

Briefly: The story, briefly

Helping journalists find the untold stories about our legal system.



A collaborative investigative portal to illuminate the Sino-African relationship.

The Emergency Publishing Toolkit

The Emergency Publishing Toolkit

A publishing toolkit for disaster and crisis situations.

The Earth Academy

The Earth Academy

Creating and documenting a sustainable community for the 21st Century.