San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood

How do we tap the native talents in low-income communities to create their own source of media coverage?

Low-income communities need more media coverage — more in volume, quality, consistency, variety, and empathy.

Chicas poderosas

How can we bring more women into technology in newsrooms?

There are many investigative journalists in Latin America, a great majority of them women, who are not aware of the potential of technology.


How can we form a community to help safeguard drone journalism in Africa?

Despite its potential, governments the world over are developing laws that either ban or impose crippling restrictions for civilian drone operations.

Radio Ambulante Bienvenidos, Bienvenidas

How can we help Latin American journalists and storytellers produce long-form narrative radio journalism?

Far too often limited resources and a focus on breaking news keep journalists from pursuing longer narrative stories.

The digital Washington Post

How can we attract a broader digital audience to news?

My challenge is to find new ways to grow the Washington Post’s digital audience and expand our coverage.


Can we develop new forms of journalistic data gathering while also creating new revenue models?

We need to make data gathering more cost effective, powerful, and transparent.

Clock tower

How can we preserve and analyze digital news archives to better cover our communities?

Decades of institutional knowledge are buried in antiquated archival systems or in the minds of journalists.

Tablet user

How might we produce universally relevant stories rooted in African-American experiences?

We need to expand the digital footprint of storytelling about African-American experiences.

VHIL Coral World

How can virtual reality games be used to tell science stories?

Once a niche field for hardcore gamers, virtual reality devices are to become more and more accessible.

Social divide

How might we assure the inclusion of underrepresented and unheard voices in the mainstream news flow?

We need to multiply the viewpoints in stories for the news to be able to really inform, engage and empower citizens.

Evening Pilot

How can we create engaging and profitable afternoon tablet publications for newspapers?

Small and mid-sized newspapers need an engaging and profitable model for delivering stories on tablets.

Science journalism word cloud

How can we improve the quality of science reporting in China?

I am exploring ways to provide online training and other resources to improve science reporting and to help scientists communicate with the public about their work.

International High School students

How might we create a space for student journalists to connect and create global stories?

The stories we tell are increasingly global ones about youth. But the youth voice is missing in mainstream media.


How can we make city data more engaging?

It is very difficult to find pure data about the performance of our local governments or the health of our communities.

Redesigning organizations

How might we redesign public media newsrooms to increase their creativity and innovation?

I am exploring ways to apply design thinking to organizational structures to address this challenge.

Garment worker

How can journalism use data in a more interactive way to better engage readers as consumers?

I want to better use data to connect readers to the issue of where and how their clothes are made.

Distracted news consumer

How can we help people focus when consuming news online, to improve engagement with journalism?

The constant bombardment of distractions has turned news consumers into cursory readers.