Will the creation of a drone journalism corps inspire the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Africa?

Exploring ways to use drones to improve real-time frontline reporting while also addressing regulatory issues around their use.

Garment worker

How can journalism use data in a more interactive way to better engage readers as consumers?

Finding ways to give readers clear and useful information about where and how the clothing they buy is made.

Distracted news consumer

How can news organizations capture and keep our online audiences amid so many constant distractions?

Exploring how news organizations can apply findings about the cognitive impact being online has on people to create better ways to reach and engage audiences.


How might interactive online tools be used more effectively for multimedia training?

Exploring ways to help journalists efficiently and effectively learn crucial skills.

Bronx projects

How can we encourage deeper reporting on poverty in the United States?

Making relevant data easier to access and showing journalists the best ways to use it to produce rich, nuanced stories.


How might journalists better use social media to report breaking news thoroughly and accurately?

Journalists reporting on breaking stories often turn to social media to quickly find first-hand accounts, but the process is inefficient and difficult.

The Washington Post app

What new tools and skills do newsroom leaders need to grow digital audiences?

Exploring new ways to help editors at my newspaper, The Washington Post, complete the transformation to a digital-first operation.

São Paulo market

How can we produce and distribute news from local communities in way that gets shared across a large urban area?

Testing ways to give residents of São Paulo, Brazil information they need to better understand issues affecting the whole region.

High School student

How can we use technology to create a digital, youth-driven global newsroom that adds a new voice to old media?

Tackling a challenge shared by newsrooms and classrooms: How to reach and engage youth across cultures.

Reporter at work

How can we get more women in Latin American newsrooms using technology to tell stories?

Exploring ways to create a disruptive, sustainable network for training women to increase their involvement in data and visual storytelling.

Cotton picking newsgame

How can we make it possible for news organizations to easily create newsgames?

This new media form, at the nexus of video games and journalism, can help news organizations engage young audiences in news.

Tablet user

How can we produce, and distribute online, universally relevant stories rooted in African-American experiences?

Re-imagining the role — or even definition — of black news media to help it keep pace in the digital era.

Rally for journalist

How can we use technology to protect journalists in Pakistan?

The country is one of the deadliest in the world for journalists, who live under threats of harassment, abduction and killing.

Portable audio

How can we help Latin American journalists produce long-form narrative radio journalism?

Finding ways to use new technologies that make radio production and dissemination less expensive and easier to help radio journalists tell important stories.

Chicago crime map

How can we make city performance data more engaging?

Empowering local journalists to leverage information that measures how well cities are addressing key issues such as crime, health and pollution.

Newspaper archive

How can we unlock valuable information buried in our news archives?

Exploring ways technology can be used to analyze and visualize information from past stories in order to better inform editorial and operations strategies.

Thymine molecule

How can we increase high quality science reporting in China?

Exploring ways to expose journalists and journalism students to good science journalism practices.

The Evening Pilot

How do we create profitable, afternoon tablet publications for newspapers?

Small and mid-sized newspapers — the vital source of news in most communities — need to expand their digital reach.

Twitter lists

How can journalists exploit the full potential of social media?

With the right tools, social media can be used to spot trends, find sources and so much more.

"Open" data

Can we do new forms of journalistic data gathering that are more cost effective, powerful, and transparent?

Finding ways to help journalists and news organizations more efficiently and comprehensively report on local, state and national issues in new ways.