Andrew Donohue

Knight Talk: Andrew Donohue

Andrew Donohue makes a compelling case for a way of pursuing investigative stories in which journalists work with the community throughout the process.

Re-Engineering Journalism

Knight Talk: Barbara E. Allen

Working with Stanford’s world-class virtual reality lab, documentary filmmaker Barbara E. Allen developed a prototype that lets users experience the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina from a New Orleans roof top.

Mary Aviles

Knight Talk: Mary Aviles

Mary Aviles is creating a service that helps Hispanic audiences curate news in their own language.

Wilson Liévano

Knight Talk: Wilson Liévano

Wilson Liévano is using a genre familiar to many — but not common in journalism — to give news organizations a way to provide audiences context for complex stories that is engaging and easy to understand.

Eric Westervelt

Knight Talk: Eric Westervelt

NPR’s Eric Westervelt is working to bring high quality audio news story telling to mobile audiences.

Melissa Chan

Knight Talk: Melissa Chan

Melissa Chan explains three steps all journalists should take to improve their digital security.

Maria Lilly Delgado

Knight Talk: Maria Lilly Delgado

Nicaragua’s freedom of information laws are largely ignored and journalist Maria Lilly Delgado is setting out to change that.

David Sarno

Knight Talk: David Sarno

David Sarno shows the power and potential of using video-game-inspired techniques to create three-dimensional news stories.

Musikilu Mojeed

Knight Talk: Musikilu Mojeed

Through The Imole Project, Musikilu Mojeed wants to seed more investigative journalism in Nigeria.

Li Xiaoming

Knight Talk: Li Xiaoming

Li Xiaoming explains his vision for documenting the changes in China through personal stories.

Kirk Caraway

Knight Talk: Kirk Caraway

With Megaphone and NowAds, Kirk Caraway aims to help publishers provide local businesses a way to easily and quickly advertise across multiple platforms.

Latoya Peterson

Knight Talk: Latoya Peterson

Latoya Peterson urges fellow journalists to bring interactive news into public spaces.

Marie-Catherine Beuth

Knight Talk: Marie-Catherine Beuth

Marie-Catherine Beuth’s curation service, the News Concierge, delivers you the news you need, for the time you have.

Adriana Garcia

Knight Talk: Adriana Garcia

Adriana Garcia explains OrbitaLAB, which she’s launched to help Brazilian journalists develop innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets.

Samaruddin Stewart

Knight Talk: Samaruddin Stewart

Samaruddin Stewart explains how news organizations can protect themselves from publishing fake or altered photos, highlighting new digital forensic tools.

Nuno Vargas

Knight Talk: Nuno Vargas

Nuno Vargas describes the collaborative tool he’s developing to enable newsrooms to quickly create stories that incorporate visuals, data and other elements.

William McNulty

Knight Talk: William McNulty

William McNulty says interactive maps of today are missing great potential and he wants to change that.

Michael Lindenberger

Knight Talk: Michael Lindenberger

Places Magazine is testing ways to support long-form journalism about complex topics.

Attila Mong

Knight Talk: Attila Mong

With Global Media Rights Watch, Attila Mong works to bring journalists and free-press advocates around the world together to fight legal crackdowns

Mariam Semaan

Knight Talk: Mariam Semaan

Mariam Semaan makes the case for creating immersive experiences to engage news audiences.

Knight Talk: Teresa Bouza

Knight Talk: Teresa Bouza

Teresa Bouza is on a campaign to get journalists to overcome their fear and embrace data-driven storytelling.